What is Real Leadership? – with Reb Veale #9

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What is Real Leadership? – with Reb Veale #9

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Are you doing real leadership?

Reb Veale teaches real Leadership.

She is an mBIT and NLP Trainer and combines this with her skills in people management, from a career in the retail and energy commercial sectors, with occupational psychology to provide support to both private and public sector leaders and organizations, through consultancy, coaching and training.

Real Leadership

Reb is passionate about facilitating people to find their own unique solutions and proudly states that she always learns at least as much as her coachees or participants.

Reb set up Reveal Solutions in 2005 and in addition to training and coaching; has co-authored a range of development products with Mark Deacon, such as the GROW Coaching cards, Developing Emotional Intelligence and Successful Appraisal products. They were also collaborated with Grant Soosalu to produce the mBraining Flash Learning and mBIT Coaching cards.

Real Leadership is your responsibility.

Reb believes that leadership is everyone’s responsibility; regardless of job role or title…it starts with how we are choosing to lead our life.

Products to support Real Leadership

Together with Mark Deacon and Grant Soosalu, Reb co-designed the mBraining Coaching Cards and mBraining Flash Learning cards as a way to support new coaches to embody the mBraining philosophy and to assist in supporting the client to engage with their multiple intelligences and discover more about what makes them who they are, and how to navigate change at an identity level.

Supporting Real Leadership

Supporting Real Leadership


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