Overcoming eating disorders with Shirley Billigmeier #22

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May 14, 2017
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Overcoming eating disorders with Shirley Billigmeier #22

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How to overcome eating disorders.

Overcoming eating disorders is not usually a straight forward process. Published in 1991 Inner Eating by Shirley Billigmeier has never been more relevant than it is today. For over 40 years, this author, speaker and body image specialist has been helping women, men, teens and children resolve their issues with food and eating.

Based on her professional and personal experience and her nationally best selling book, Inner Eating, she created Innergetics as a tool for developing and maintaining a healthy relationship between food and your body.

Eating Disorders

Overcoming eating disorders – interview.

Much more than a theory, Shirley Billigmeier addresses head-on the problems and challenges we face each day and gives us an insight into what may be behind eating disorders. Her real-life techniques make it easy to start and produce fast results.

In our chat we discuss many ideas about where eating disorders may stem from and the role that our head, heart and gut brains play in helping to unravel eating disorders.

Shirley is definitely an expert in her field and has had great success assisting people over many years to get better after experiencing. In this interview we go deep in exploring her method and quickly realise that both Shirley an I have similar ideas about supporting people even though we started from completely different backgrounds.

Listen to this interview an learn about

  • The emotional, physical and social reasons you diet.
  • Why diets must fail.
  • How to identify, understand and cope with your eating pattern.
  • How to deal with interference eating.
  • How to enjoy and not want to eat more than your body needs.
  • How to understand the connections between body image, emotions, thoughts, and eating.
  • How to change compulsive eating to ownership eating and win the battle of stomach vs. brain.
  • How to recapture the joy of eating and movement.
  • How to pick up the PACE.Check out other episodes of this podcast at


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