Overcoming Chronic Fatigue with Kim Knight The Kiwi Health Detective #10

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Overcoming Chronic Fatigue with Kim Knight The Kiwi Health Detective #10

Listen to the interview here.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue

Known as the ‘Kiwi Health Detective’, Kim Knight is a health and personal transformation coach specializing in helping people identify – and resolve – the absolute root cause of seemingly inexplicable symptoms and send them on the right path to overcoming chronic fatigue.

Unable to work for over 10 years, her own recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome, ongoing back pain, anxiety and clinical depression led her to try over 160 different therapies on her journey back to health.

The path to overcoming chronic fatigue.

By teaching people how to tap into their body wisdom, and understand the built-in self-healing abilities of the body, she shows clients how it is possible to regain health without medication or supplements.

Her three special areas of interest are stress eradication, emotional mastery and self-empowerment.

Her professional training and client experience is extensive, which combined with her first-hand experience of having to get herself well, gives her the ideal offering for clients.

She is trained in a number of cutting-edge mind-body therapies including Mickel Therapy, Moativational Medicine, The Emotion Code, mBIT Multiple Brain Integration, Advanced Clearing Energetics and Qigong, and works mostly with clients remotely via phone, online webinars and online self-help programs

Her work has earned her several health award nominations, including finalist for NEXT New Zealand Woman of the Year.

For more info visit www.artofhealth.co.nz

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