Overcoming bi-polar disorder with David Clark #15

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March 24, 2016
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May 9, 2016

Overcoming bi-polar disorder with David Clark #15

Overcoming bi-polar

Recovering from bi-polar disorder.

A true story about bi-polar disorder. During his initial years in Australia David began to realise something was not quite right with his brain. Having experienced a series of depressive episodes in the past, he then experienced his first psychotic episode lasting some six months. Some time later he was diagnosed as having bi-polar disorder.

Practically fully recovered now, he has written his memoir ‘WTF! Life is Not Always What it Seems’ as a way of sharing his insight into what life is about and how we need to take control even when we are not in control.

David is the founder of The Lime Green Solutions. His mission, to be delivered through his website www.calmercoaching.com is to empower people to achieve their full potential through “calm and graceful wisdom”.

He previously worked internationally in organisations seeking to improve outcomes for their communities. Roles including leading training projects in Bulgaria, Estonia, Denmark and Russia.

David headed up a training team based within the UK’s National Audit Office which subsequently led to a secondment at the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office followed by a life-changing decision to move half way across the globe to connect with a sunnier way of life.

Tools that help manage bi-polar disorder.

overcoming bi-polar disorder

overcoming bi-polar disorder

As part of his recovery David has built up a substantial toolkit of knowledge into human behaviour and is now entering a new chapter of his life. He is sharing his insights through – for a better life! He believes wholeheartedly that we are all capable of being awesome. Through his toolkit, accredited as an NLP Master Practitioner, an mbraining coach and a DISC Advanced behavioural profiler, he is able to enlighten, empower and energise people to realise their awesomeness.


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