3 Tips to get more coaching clients with Timbo Reid #4

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3 Tips to get more coaching clients with Timbo Reid #4

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Get More Coaching Clients.

more coaching clients

more coaching clients

In this episode I speak with the Founder of the podcast Small Business Big Marketing Tim Reid. Tim shares 3 must haves for any new coaches when looking at attracting more coaching clients to you practice.

After 10 years as ad guy, Tim cleansed his soul for a couple of years by helping Melbourne-based not-for-profit, Reach Youth, bring to life their biggest fundraiser ever.

It was at Reach that Tim had an ah-ha moment. You see, whilst he was filling a marketing role, he also loved mentoring some of the young Reach kids – and he remember thinking Damn, maybe he should be a teacher like John Keating … Robin William’s character in Dead Poet’s Society! That idea took shape … but I wasn’t quite ready to make the leap into my own business.

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This interview is short and sweet and it will give you 3 tips on where to get more coaching clients.

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