How to be resilient with Mal Winnie #13
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February 29, 2016
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March 24, 2016

How to be resilient with Mal Winnie #13

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Is Resilience something you are born with?



Mal Winnie knows a thing or two about resilience.

He would best be described as an Adventreprenuer, in that he combines his love of the outdoor adventure with his passion for business and professional development.

Mal has spent half his adult adventuring around the world both professionally and personally. He has rock-climbed, canyoneered, mountaineered, kayaked and hiked through NZ, Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA and continues to do so. He has been in some of the most remote and wilderness environments in the world and it is in these places that he says he has learnt the most about himself.

Resilience can be tested.

Mal’s resilience has been tested a number of times as he has overcome some considerable physical and mental setbacks along the way and has used these to further inspire him and to work on and develop his own levels of resiliency including breaking his back twice and his neck once. In total he has broken his spine in 5 different places.

Mal is also the founder and managing director of Stand-Out Leadership Ltd, a leadership development business that works with individuals and organisations across NZ and Australia to help grow their leadership capability and employee engagement levels. He also works one on one as a leadership and transformational coach.

Mal is highly regarded by his clients as being insightful, inspiring and practical in his approach and style.

He has undertaken tertiary and non-tertiary based studies in multiple areas such as Psychology, Sport and Recreation, Positive Psychology, Neuro-Science, NLP and Coaching and includes these aspects of science and research in the development of practical applications people can use to enhance their lives and careers. He is an mBIT Coach and Trainer as well as an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer.

Mal has worked in people development and teaching resilience for 23 years now in many different industries and sectors and has worked across New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom with in excess of 20,000 people.

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