How to be amazing at age 80 and beyond. #14

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How to be amazing at age 80 and beyond. #14

Paul is a life coach who just turned 80 himself. So he has learned first hand that most of us have a good 10 years of mobility and social interaction in our 70s. But when we hit our 80s, physical challenges begin to weigh heavily on our psychological ability to resist the stereotype that aging is a period of decline.

He is passionate about sharing what works for him to resist these stereotypes. He calls his seminars and coaching Amazing80. His blog is He uses recent neurological research, music, and group interaction to help his clients learn new ways to craft their own recipe for creating an amazing life.

But because many people in this age group are on fixed and low incomes, they can’t always afford even the low cost of his seminars and coaching. So he is looking for people who might consider helping him create a scholarship fund to help his prospects and clients take their life experience and transform it into a decade of growth, service, and joy.

If you have an affinity for people in their 80s and beyond, here’s something you can do. Go to, and make an investment in your own and others’s amazing future.

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