Coaching Creativity with Davia McMillan #23

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Coaching Creativity with Davia McMillan #23

Davia McMillan

Davia McMillan is passionate about Living Lives We Love and her business the Life Design Lab is a coaching space that supports creative and compassionate exploration of self, business, environment and relationships.

  • She is a: mBIT Master Coach,
  • Mentor,
  • Psych-k Facilitator, with an ICF (International Coach Federation) ACC credential.
  • Artist at Davia Designs and
  • a Mother of 3


Always a self driven entrepreneur, Davia’s first business after completing her Fashion Design degree in the early 90’s was a international mail-order business for wheelchair athletes, catering to their unique physical requirements.

After many years working in human service organizations and the disability sector Davia chose to refocus on her creative passion contributing to award winning landscapes with her Mosaic Art. However missing the human element within her creative practice she then retrained as a coach and mentor, opening Life Design Lab which now offers multiple ways to align head, heart and gut, making wiser decisions possible and generating full self expression and life leadership capabilities.


If you are familiar with feelings of being torn between following your heart and doing the what’s logical or even expected, if you experience being blocked and unable to take steps towards your goal despite having a great ‘plan’, then perhaps you are not fully congruent and aligned with your plan. Aligning the intuitive and values driven intelligences that already exist within you can create new possibilities for yourself and your future.

Drawing on the latest findings in Neuroscience and combining leading edge coaching techniques such as mBRAINING with years of experience in the creative space, Davia is uniquely placed to teach you some simple techniques that will assist you to become more consciously and consistently aligned with the things that are most important to you.



A great coaching conversation creates a space for understanding, choice and action.

Effective conversations are the key to finding creative solutions and developing strong relationships that benefit all stakeholders.

Everyone can have their needs met inside a great conversation. You can connect with Davia here .





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