Lyn Christian is a quintessential coach’s coach, teaching revolutionary principles that galvanize change in others, while living according to those same principles in her own life. As the founder of SoulSalt, Inc., Lyn guides private clients, organizations, and fellow coaches as they seek to reinvent themselves and reach peak performance levels. Her approach is focused on encouraging others to find their strengths and build lives that are grounded in courage, freedom, and integrity.

Lyn has always been adept at helping others reach their fullest potential. She began her career as a school teacher in the 1990s, and her innovative approach to education garnered awards and recognition from her peers. But, while she found her work as an educator rewarding, Lyn was inescapably drawn to the innovation and entrepreneurial mindset of the business world. In 1998, she left academia for a position at Franklin Covey, where she was instrumental in developing world-class training products.

During her tenure at Franklin Covey, Lyn honed her coaching and project management skills. She was ultimately appointed Associate Director of the Franklin Covey Project Management Innovation Center, where she trained hundreds of employees and helped the company accrue $4 million in value in less than one year. Over time, Lyn grew into a thought leader in business and personal coaching, earning a Master Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation, as well as certifications from both Franklin Covey Coaching and renowned Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith.

Within a few years of graduating from Coach U in 1998, Lyn came to a crossroads in her career. She had become Director of Innovation at Franklin Covey Coaching, and she established SoulSalt as a separate entity in 2002. Lyn’s coaching philosophy and private practice grew steadily, with SoulSalt drawing more and more of her focus. In 2004 her mentor, Marshall Goldsmith, challenged her to leave her position at Franklin Covey and set out on her own. In the years since, Lyn has become sought-after adviser to a diverse clientele representing a variety of industries, from small business owners, to CEOs, to celebrities, and anyone who comes to her with a serious drive to embrace wisdom and personal evolution.

Beyond her extensive work with SoulSalt, Lyn strives continually learn and embrace reinvention in her own life. In recent years, that commitment has been evident in her effort to face a childhood fear of drowning by entering competitive sports after the age of 50. When not spending time with her inspiring clients and family, Lyn competes in Sprint Triathlons and multi-sport endurance races, no doubt contributing to her reputation as a “bad ass,” and bolstering her ability to bring out the bad ass in others, too.



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Lyn Christian is a quintessential coach’s coach, teaching revolutionary principles that galvanize change in others, while living according to those same principles in her own life. […]
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